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Friday, August 24, 2007

Radio@MU #13

Ryan talks about himself, much to the chagrin of everyone in the known universe*.

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1. The Sumner Brothers "Girl in the Window"
2. Lythium "Fish Out of Water"
3. Heather Donaldson "Alone in the Dark"
4. Pauline Boeykens "Dolomiten"
5. Michelle Newman "Goodnight Kiss"
6. DREAD:WAR "Blood of the Pharaoh"

*Speaking of the known universe**, check out Google Sky, the Google Earth add-on at

**Speaking of Mutiny Universe, check out the following links mentioned in the podcast: Mutiny Universe News, Radio@MU Archive, and Elan Vital Blog.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Radio@MU #12

Social networking, anyone?

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1. Heather Donaldson "Damn Guitar"
2. Pauline Boeykens (tuba), with Barbara Jungfer (guitar) and Eric Schaeffer (drums) "Dolomiten"(Alexander Dannullis)
3. Jimmie Rodgers "Hobo Bill's Last Ride"
4. Starlight Cinema "Left Coast Cinderella"
5. The Outside "Blame You I Do"
6. The Society of Gloves "Who Are Your Friends?"

MySpace, Shelfari, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Radio@MU #11

It was recorded in the daytime! (Okay, at sunset.)

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1. The Sumner Brothers "Goin' Out West"
2. Kelly Harrell "Rovin' Gambler"
3. Negatrude "Home"
4. Heather Donaldson "Wrong Man"
5. Moxy Phinx "Leave Me"
6. Albert Wynn's Creole Jazz Band "She's Crying for Me"
7. Katy M. Savage "Denial"
8. Peerless Quartet with Henry Burr and Billy Murray "My Dream of the Big Parade"

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