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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Podcasts Now at

There are at least two new ways to enjoy the Mutiny Universe Podcast:

Route #1
1. Go to;
2. Click on Podcast.

Route #2
1. Go to

The choice is yours; new episodes coming or later...

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Radio@MU #25

Ryan goes into a hiccup fit whilst spieling about politics 18 minutes into the show; he also dabbles in would-be neologisms (saying analysist instead of the actual term analyst).

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1. Wolfkin "These Are Illusions" Wolfkin - These Are All Illusions - Single - These Are All Illusions
2. Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band "10 Cities Beyond" More Music
3. Lionel Neykov "I Need You" Lionel Neykov - Songs of Want and Loss - I Need You
4. moxy phinx "hyln" MySpace
5. ANTIQCOOL "When Your Down" Antiqcool - Digging for Gold - When Your Down

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Video@MU #1: 30 Seconds of Visuals 'n Stuff (Radio@MU #24)

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Watch here:

The grand irony is that this 30-second promotional spot ("commercial") for Mutiny Universe and the Radio@MU Podcast took the same amount of time as producing about three 30 minute podcasts.

Stay tuned for new Radio@MU episodes in February, with great music from great independent artists. And if the muse bites me (or is that a mosquito?), there will be more installments of Video@MU in the future.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Radio@MU #23: Double-Episode

Ryan wishes you all a Happy Saturnalia, Happy Life Day, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc., for this special hour-length double-episode.

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1. Elsie Baker "Silent Night, Hallowed Night"
2. Addictive Tragedy "Miles in Between"
3. Lionel Neykov "Miss Your Kiss" Lionel Neykov - Songs of Want and Loss - Miss Your Kiss
4. Sumner Brothers "Goin' Out West" The Sumner Brothers - In the Garage - Goin Out West
5. ANTIQCOOL "All My Rivers Run to You" Antiqcool - Digging for Gold - All My Rivers Run to You
6. Ryan (accompanied by an electronic glockenspiel) reads most of "The Golden Age" by James Baldwin, courtesy of Project Gutenberg
7. The Spaceshots "Greetings My Glorious Graces" The Spaceshots - Greetings My Glorious Graces - Single - Greetings My Glorious Graces
8. DJ JOHN X "Bangers 'N' Mash" Download
9. Peter Chavez "A Newfound Hope" Peter Chavez - Autumn's Revenge - A Newfound Hope
10. Matt Ritchey's Shakespeare Coach
11. Michelle Newman "Goodnight Kiss" Michelle Newman - Michelle Newman - Goodnight Kiss

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Radio@MU #22

The phone lines are open...okay, voicemail: (206) 309-0482. (Voicemail submissions become property of Mutiny Universe and may be used in a future podcast and/or elsewhere.)

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Ryan is thankful for this regular soapbox upon which to stand, rant, and sometimes shamelessly self-promote:

0. Johann Strauss II by way of yours truly "Künstlerleben"
1. The Society of Gloves featuring moxy phinx "Time (Lose Your Hold)"
2. moxy phinx "Centerfold"
3. Peter Chavez "Where You Stand"
4. Heather Donaldson "Honeybee"
5. ANTIQCOOL "Oh Mary"
6. Negatrude "Home"

Get ready for Saturnalia! (And those other winter holidays, too.)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Radio@MU #21

Celebrating a belated Veterans Day, Ryan covers all sorts of topics!

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1. Peerless Quartet with Henry Burr and Billy Murray "My Dream of the Big Parade"
2. Poetique Khaotique' "Gun"
3. ANTIQCOOL "The Storm"
4. The Sumner Brothers "When a Mother Calls"
5. moxy phinx "Leave Me"

Note #1: Help Ryan write a book by taking a few ten question, multiple-choice surveys at Survey Sunday.

1. Pop Culture
2. Religion
3. U.S. Politics
4. Abortion
5. Anthropology

And more in the future!

Note #2: Ryan's Top Ten (well, Top Eight) essential computer programs. Come up with your own list!

10. [Some sort of DVD burning program would be nice, but not currently essential.]
9. [Some sort of video editing program would be nice, but not currently essential.]
8. Microsoft Excel
7. Microsoft Word
6. Character Map
5. Mozilla Firefox
4. Mozilla Thunderbird
3. Apple iTunes
2. Adobe Photoshop
1. Digidesign Pro Tools

(Well, an anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing program would be good too.)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Radio@MU #19 and #20

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Radio@MU #19

Download Jäger (if only that were possible!)

Podcast episode #19 is hosted by Katy M. Savage and contains great independent music that's new to this podcast.

Radio@MU #20

Download our Halloween episode!

In this episode, Ryan is constantly insulted by the 1960s Science Fiction Robot, who makes his triumphant return to the podcast. Of course, with the Robot also come Zombies!

1. DREAD:WAR "Blood of the Pharaoh"
2. S.L.U.D.G.E. "Sorrowladen"
3. Matt Ritchey's Shakespeare Coach
4. Khaotique "Beware of My Mind"
5. Eddie Cantor feat. Zombies "Hungry Women / Hungry Zombies"
6. Negatrude "Feel the Cries"

Ryan is currently reading Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventureby Daniel Quinn.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Radio@MU #18: 69 Minutes of Music 'n Banter

This is very special episode, as it is 230% supersized (69 minutes). We invite you to listen to a soundboard recording from last Saturday Night, at a restaurant/bar near Los Angeles called Paul's Kitchen. This episode contains most of Peter Chavez's acoustic show, celebrating the release of his album Autumn's Revenge.

Save: Download
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Setlist (italicized titles not included in podcast):
Guitar intro
Where You Stand
Until The Last Sun Dies
The Seven Thunders
What I Keep
A Newfound Hope
The 8th Sea
Over The Mountain Under The Mole Hill
Used To Love Her - Gn'R cover
Like A Stone - Audioslave cover
Sweet Little Whirlwind
Drowning Clouds
Bullets Like Rain
Ashes Of A Phoenix

Check out:

Finally, here's a clip of Peter doing one of the cover songs:

Watercolor portrait of Peter Chavez: "Contented" by James "Jimmy Green Eyes" Ramirez. Visit his MySpace profile, containing this and other artwork.