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Monday, June 18, 2007

Radio@MU #4

Ryan channels his inner-Jack Black (he tries to, anyway) and incoherently talks about Face Melters and their effect on faces. Et cetera. Et cetera. Peter Cetera.

Do the code. Rock ‘n roll.

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1. DREAD:WAR “Blood of the Pharaoh”
2. S.L.U.D.G.E. “Fallen Youth”
3. S.L.U.D.G.E. “Sorrowladen”
4. Midnight Run “This Is What It Sounds Like to Be Depressed”
5. Starlight Cinema “Left Coast Cinderella”
6. The Outside “Blame You I Do”

Concert Calendar/Show Schedule (details):

6.21.07 #4
6.21.07 The Outside @ Snitch
6.22.07 Chelsea Williams @ Universal City Walk
6.22.07 The Flutterbies @ Kulak's
6.24.07 Michelle Newman @ The Mint
6.26.07 Chelsea Williams @ Port O' Call
6.28.07 #5

Let’s play some records,

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